Hayley Williams has a new tattoo! It’s a lightning bolt with the letters “TCB” for “Takin’ Care of Business.” This was the motto of Elvis Presley and his backing band was named the TCB band. The lightning bolt TCB logo was used by Elvis on jewelry and even on his plane.

You might recognize the design from Hayley’s necklace that she often wears, though her necklace says TLC. Elvis himself had a necklace with the TCB design. Hayley writes "Finally got my TCB today. Been wearing the necklace for years… All the men in my family have TCB (taking care of business) and the women have TLC (tendler love and care). Now I’ve got both… And one of them is permanent! Think Elvis would be proud?"

This is Hayley’s third tattoo of 2012, along with a large sidepiece of flowers and a quote on her forearm. Hayley’s first three tattoos were all in discrete locations — two on her ankle and one behind her ear — but it seems like she’s been moving towards larger pieces and more obvious locations. It will be interesting to see how many more tattoos she adds before she starts slowing down. This one brings her total to nine.

The tattoo was done at Kat Von D’s shop High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood by Dan Smith, the same artist who did Hayley’s last tattoo.


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