Hayley Fashion

Aug 20

Anonymous said: Where exactly in Houston are you moving to ?

Montrose! I know Houston is not all as “cool” as Austin is so I wanted to make sure that I lived in the cool part of town :)


Anonymous said: Do Hayley have freckles

Yes, she does! Not a ton of them, but you can see them really clearly in this photoshoot: http://gallery.paramore.org/thumbnails.php?album=54

mermaidmagillsusieskittle said: Hey, do you know where I can get the black & white top Hayley wears in the Ignorance video? I've been looking since the song came out!! Even if you know of something similar? Thanks.

It was a BDG top from Urban Outfitters


thegirlonfire98 said: Houston is nice, you'll like it there. They have a lot of concerts there.

The concerts are one of the things I am most excited about! I lived in Austin before and I loved it there. This past year I have been in Lexington KY which is a smaller city and there are basically no concerts here. I have to go to Cincinnati or Louisville for everything, and a lot of tours don’t come through middle America at all.



feather-whores said: Do you know where the orange cardigan hayley wore for that radio interview where shes blonde is from?

imageThe cardigan is from American Apparel called Metalic Cropped Cardigan and it is in Copper which you can find here ($86).

-Hayley Fashion Helper (ParamoreAddict)

thegirlonfire98 said: Where in Texas are you moving to? I live in Texas too.


Aug 19

Anonymous said: I honestly dont want to sound rude with this one but why do you take so long to update? Again I try to say this as nice as possible:)

Hey it’s ok, I’m not offended because I know I’ve gotten really behind recently!  I’ve just had a lot going on in my personal life.  I’ve spend the past two weeks visiting with family and then in a week I’m going to be moving from KY to TX.  I will get caught up eventually!


Anonymous said: Hi! I don't know if this interests you or any of your followers but I just found the Y.R.U. Elevation Clear Red Sneakers that Hayley wore here ( post/84961362328 ) on sale at Asos! Since I can't send you the link through the ask box just type "YRU Elevation 2 Red Platform Sneaker asos" on google and it's the first link. You can share it with your followers if you want ;)

Here’s the link.  Thanks for sharing!

Aug 18

Anonymous said: Do you happen to know where Hayley's blue/teal/purple bralette/crop top that she's been wearing on Monumentour is from?

It is from Nordstrom, however it is sold out. It was called Onezie Bustier Sports Bra and you can find it here.

- Hayley Fashion Helper (ParamoreAddict)